FlyteBoard Relieves Winter Travel Headaches

by Ashley Toney on November 26, 2018

FlyteBoard with Doppler Radar Keeps Guests Informed on Flight Availability and Changing Weather Patterns

November 26, 2018

Thousands of flights were cancelled Sunday, with thousands more being delayed into Monday morning as Winter Storm Bruce blanketed the Midwest with snow and whiteout conditions. The AAA projected this past weekend would see the highest travel volume in over a decade as Thanksgiving travelers returned home.

When major cancellations like this occur, airport hotels become an indispensable resource for stranded passengers, offering convenience and comfort while flights are rebooked and itineraries are rescheduled. FlyteBoard with Doppler radar keeps travelers informed on flight availability and changing weather patterns.

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Airport Wayfinding is Here

by Ashley Toney on October 12, 2018

Ease the passenger’s self-guided journey throughout your airport

Wayfinding Kiosk

October 12, 2018

Flying can be stressful and overwhelming for travelers trying to navigate their way through an unfamiliar airport. We’re here to help you enhance the passenger experience – which is why Airport Wayfinding has finally landed.

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3 Stress-Reducing Tips for Holiday Travelers

by Ashley Toney on December 11, 2017

Glide through the airport with our best advice on beating the stresses of holiday travel.

Winter Travel

December 11, 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and your airport experience should be wonderful too! We’re sharing our best tips on alleviating the stresses of holiday travel so you can arrive at your destination full of good cheer.

1. Don’t Underestimate the Usefulness of Apps

Many apps have been developed with the sole purpose of streamlining your airport experience. If you’ve ever wondered what you can or cannot bring aboard a plane, we recommend downloading the MyTSA App. MyTSA is full of helpful information on what you can pack in your bag and tips on getting through security lines faster.

Before heading off to the airport, we also recommend downloading the app of the carrier you’re flying with. You’ll receive immediate notifications on any flight status updates and gate changes. Plus, you can conveniently check-in to your flight from the app and receive a digital copy of your boarding pass, meaning less waiting in airport lines.

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The Hidden Benefits of Real-Time Flight Information

by Ashley Toney on August 21, 2017

Savvy hotel properties use flight information as a tool to increase occupancy and boost operational efficiency


FlyteBoard gives guests the flexibility to extend their stays without leaving the hotel

August 21, 2017

For airport hotels, having a flight screen on the premises is an invaluable resource for their traveling guests. What may not be immediately obvious are the advantages that these FlyteBoards create for the properties themselves. Take a look at how innovative hotels across the country are using Flyte Systems to boost efficiency and generate additional revenue.

Profit from Delays & Cancellations

If a guest sees that their flight is delayed or cancelled, what’s their most convenient option? Putting yourself in that situation, would you rather (a) stay in the comfort of your hotel or (b) pass the time in a stiff airport chair? Most of us would find that (a) would be our first preference.

FlyteBoard gives guests the flexibility to extend their stays without leaving the hotel – converting flight cancellations into additional bookings. Have guests wait out a delay with a good read from your gift shop and a refreshing beverage from your lobby bar. The longer the guest is on your property, the more likely they are to consume on-site services.

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truDigital, partners with FlyteSystems®, a division of ITS, to provide real-time flight data to a digital sign near you

by Ashley Toney on July 6, 2017

Together, truDigital and FlyteSystems® seek to help customers at non-airport sites display the same type of up-to-the minute flight information seen on airport signage boards.

Live Flight Information Screen

Flyte Systems flight information updates in real-time, keeping travelers consistently informed

July 7, 2017

truDigital Signage is expanding its services by partnering with flight information provider FlyteSystems. truDigital, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a pioneer in the development of signage software that is user-friendly and cost effective. FlyteSystems is a division of Chicago-based Industrial Television Services. ITS has been developing technologies related to flight information display systems since 1960. Together, truDigital and FlyteSystems seek to help customers at non-airport sites display the same type of up-to-the minute flight information seen on airport signage boards.

Digital signage has delivered more efficient ways to communicate vital information to the public. With cloud-based applications, information can be displayed on strategically located screens. The public can use updated facts and travel guidelines to change their plans and choose more productive ways to spend their time. Digital signage solutions provide innovative ways to keep the audience engaged with the brand or message. Products offered by truDigital can be adapted to the needs of different users whether the organizations provide content to inform, educate or entertain.

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Dual-Branded Aloft and Element Dallas Love Field Properties to Open with FlyteBoard in Both Lobbies

by Ashley Toney on December 13, 2016

FlyteBoards Provide Airport-Bound Guests with a Smoother Journey


The FlyteBoards will show airline departures at DAL airport with real-time updates

December 13, 2016

Flyte Systems® announced the new Aloft and Element Dallas Love Field hotels will provide guests with FlyteBoard digital signage airline schedule displays when they open in January 2017. The dual-branded properties are minutes from Dallas Love Field and will have a combined total of 224 rooms. The FlyteBoard digital signage displays will show airline departures with real-time updates, gate numbers and additional information in each hotel’s lobby.

“It makes sense for an airport property to provide amenities that make the guests’ journey easier,” said Randall Elmore, general manager of the Aloft and Element Dallas Love Field properties. “We understand travel today is more complex than ever. FlyteBoard looks exactly like airport digital signage flight information screens. Guests see a familiar format that is easy to understand. They can trust the real-time information and keep on track with their travel schedule.” The new dual-branded Aloft and Element concept is the first of its kind in Texas. Each property will feature its own themed format, outlets and amenities.

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Hyatt Place Jacksonville Airport to Install FlyteBoard Digital Signage to Keep Guests On Time

by Ashley Toney on November 29, 2016

Flyte Systems®’ FlyteBoard Provides Airport Property With a Service That Busy Travelers and Flight Crews Value

Hyatt Place JAX FlyteBoard

Hyatt Place Jacksonville’s FlyteBoard Shows Real-Time Departures at JAX Airport

November 29, 2016

Newly renovated Hyatt Place Jacksonville Airport will include a FlyteBoard digital signage flight information display among its upgraded guest amenities. Flyte Systems’ FlyteBoard is a subscription digital signage solution that shows real-time arrivals, departures and gate information for one or more airports. The 127-room Hyatt Place Jacksonville Airport hotel is near the Jacksonville International Trade Port and close to companies that include Mercedes Benz, Coach, and BAE Systems. The property’s FlyteBoard is scheduled for installation in December 2016.

“Most of our guests are business travelers moving through Jacksonville International. We also handle several crew room contracts. That makes having a FlyteBoard flight information digital signage display a very important service for us,” said General Manager Marcus A. Patrick. “I managed another airport property in Atlanta that had FlyteBoard. FlyteBoard proved its value as a guest service amenity. We saw that our guests congregated in front of it to verify their flight times and confirm transportation. I think if you have an airport property, you have to offer FlyteBoard to keep your guests on time.”

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How Effective is Your Property’s Digital Signage? Three Tips to Improve Guest Experience

by Ashley Toney on November 16, 2016

Location, Interactive Content, and Relevant Information Make the Difference

3 Tips to Improve Guest Experience

Changes in signage positioning, location and content strengthen impact and value for hotel guests.

November 16, 2016

Hotel guests are familiar with digital signage. It can be found nearly everywhere. If you are an operator, you probably have at least one display in your lobby. Digital signage is a good way to provide property and regional information to guests; it can even be a profit center. But, do you wonder if it is doing its job? Here are three tips on how to improve your digital signage and add value to your property’s guest experience.

1. Placement is important – do guests see your message?
If you want your digital signage to be effective, whether it provides property information and promotions, regional events and maps, or wayfinding, put it in a high traffic area. Placing it near the front desk where guests will see it when they check-in is ideal. Likewise, near elevators where there is a captive audience or near a concierge station or information desk. Take a day to watch the lobby guest traffic flow. This will tell you the best place to display your content.

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C&J Bus Lines Installs Flyte Systems® to Keep Airport-Bound Clients Informed about Airline Schedules

by Ashley Toney on September 29, 2016

Luxury Motorcoach Company C&J Bus Lines Installs FlyteBoard Real-Time Airline Information in Three Terminals

FlyteBoard at C&J Bus Lines

FlyteBoard Real-Time Airline Information at C&J Bus Lines

September 29, 2016

C&J Bus Lines, one of New England’s premier transportation providers, installed FlyteBoard flight information displays at three of its terminals. C&J operates scheduled intercity motorcoach services from New Hampshire and Massachusetts seacoast to Boston’s South Station, Boston Logan Airport and New York City. Flyte Systems is the leading provider of cost effective airport travel and flexible digital signage property information. The company delivers displays and digital signage content for hotels, corporate training centers, convention centers and related businesses.

“At C&J we are always looking to offer more for our riders,” says Jim Jalbert President of C&J Bus Lines. “Adding Flyte Systems airline flight information displays to our terminals is a natural fit to enhance our service to Boston’s Logan Airport. This is a great tool for those traveling to be able to check their flight status before they leave.”

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