Industries We Serve

Hotels & Resorts

Inform and Empower your Traveling Guests & Staff

Up-to-the-minute flight information keeps travelers and hotel employees consistently informed with pinpoint accuracy. Display flights on a dedicated screen in your lobby or across all guest televisions as an available flight channel.

Providing actionable flight data distinguishes your property, increases staff efficiency, and generates revenue.

To learn more, read the whitepaper: The Hidden Benefits of Real-Time Flight Information

Airport Services

Airport Lounges & Services

Take Operational Efficiency to New Heights

As a business working directly alongside the airlines and airports, it pays to be critically aware. Through providing real-time flight information, immediate productivity gains are realized. Your staff augments their decisions to gracefully handle disruptions while your travelers enjoy peace of mind.

  • Airline lounges & clubs
  • Car rental agencies
  • Catering services
  • Parking facilities

Public Transportation

Increase Rider Loyalty and Frequency of Rides

Public transportation providers profit through increased ridership & customer satisfaction. Ease the travel experience for your passengers and create a pleasurable trip with real-time fight information.

For train & bus stations, like Toronto’s UP Express Rail, live flight screens provide welcome updates for guests en route to the airport.

Taxi & limousine drivers can get portable flight information on their tablets, allowing them to predict surges of incoming travelers and maximize efficiency.

Public Transportation
Convention Centers
Convention Centers

Maximize Return Bookings & your Competitive Advantage

Attendees travel far and wide to your location. Provide the convenience & ease of real-time flight information, and gain a competitive advantage when selling to large groups. Flight displays can be made to include live Doppler radar and local traffic as well, adding further value to an already vital amenity for traveling guests.

Boarding pass kiosks free up your business center for other tasks. From one dedicated device, guests can confirm their flight status, securely check-in with their airline and print their boarding pass before heading off to the airport.

Corporate Campuses & Training Centers

Heighten Convenience to Visitors

Anticipate the needs of your traveling clients, employees, business partners and investors.

Providing airport screens can help your visitors stay on schedule and encourage a positive experience at your facility. Real-time, local traffic conditions and Doppler radar can also be integrated into flight displays, creating a comprehensive travel dashboard for your guests on the go.

Airports & Airlines

Increase Profits, Lower Costs through FlytePort Cloud Technology

Airlines and airports realize immediate and ongoing benefit from FlytePort – today’s Cloud solution to displaying accurate, real-time flight information to the traveling public, staff & airport tenants.

Based on 50 years of FIDS experience through parent company ITS, Inc., our subscribers enjoy the confidence of knowing they’re displaying the industry’s most precise and reliable flight information – all for a low monthly subscription.

Our Cloud technology eliminates the need and expense of on-site servers, software upgrades, user training and IT staff involvement. Energy costs and equipment space requirements are also reduced.

FlytePort supports all FIDS display types, including: baggage, gate, curbside, ramp, cell-phone lot, and back-of-house. FlytePort also supports airline and airport websites.

We specialize in upgrading legacy, on-site server-based systems to the Cloud – utilizing your existing monitors and signs.

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