Start profiting now – bring the airport to your customers!



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Ideal for:

  • Hotels & resorts
  • Businesses catering to air travelers
  • Bus, rail, and cruise ship terminals
  • Convention centers
  • Parking facilities / Car rental
  • Corporate headquarters and training centers
  • Office building lobbies

Live airport display screens – including arrivals, departures, airlines, flight numbers, cities, flight status, times and gates listed in the same format shown on airport monitors, displayed on large-screen HD monitors at your facility.

Multiple airports are displayed together for cities served by more than one major airport (Example: NYC: LGA, JFK, EWR).

Customize your FlyteBoard with: Doppler Radar, local traffic, Twitter, advertising, news feeds, messaging & more.

Dedicated, full-time screen + hands-free operation = glance and go!