All products are offered on a flat rate annual subscription basis, invoiced monthly. Subscriptions include: installation support, display controllers, firewall, hotline support, and of course, 24/7 live airport flight information.

Subscribers purchase off-the-shelf: display monitors, monitor mounts, printers, and (optional) kiosks, as required. No proprietary hardware, software licenses, or usage-based fees.

Flyte Systems works with digital signage companies to add FlyteBoard to their systems. Give us your signage provider’s name and we’ll do the rest.

Yes, Flyte products are offered for multiple airports (example: in New York subscribers can display LGA, JFK, and EWR).

Businesses in the hospitality, convention/meetings, airport concessions/services industries as well as corporate headquarters, training centers, government agencies, and municipal transportation authorities that need to:

  • cater to their traveling customers,
  • differentiate themselves,
  • boost customer loyalty and repeat business with ‘glance-and-go’ content critical to a traveler’s day.

Flyte Systems is a division of ITS, a leading provider of real time flight information to airports, airlines, hospitality, government agencies, port authorities and related businesses for over 49 years. Our operations draw upon the deep resources and expertise of our parent company which is a proven innovator in developing and refining airline display technology. Our flight information display systems provide a live pathway between the information at the airport and display screens at your property. Similar products and internet-based portals, rely on FAA-regulated departure times which do not have access to delays caused by mechanical problems, delayed airline crews or other irregular operations.

Our Flyte Help Desk delivers 24/7 user support and employs a sophisticated customer tracking system to quickly resolve any issue.

Flyte Systems enables subscribers to choose from a suite of products that serve the traveling public with airport travel information:

  • FlyteTouch is an easy to use lobby kiosk for individual guests to search airline flight information via a touch screen that displays real-time current arrivals, departures, airlines, flight numbers, cities, flight status, times and gates for one or more airports.FlytePass uses the FlyteTouch kiosk technology to securely print boarding passes for hotel guests.
  • FlyteChannel allows guests to view live airport arrival/departure screens via their in-room TV. It alphabetically combines multiple airports within the same destination city (example: Newark International, JFK International and LaGuardia).
  • FlyteBoard is a wall/ceiling mounted, high-definition, flat panel screen for the lobby, restaurants, bars and other public areas that displays real time flight information for one or more airports.

The traveling public, challenged by crowded terminals and security delays, wants to take greater control over their travel experience. They seek assurance and ways to reduce travel risk due to last minute changes. Access to accurate, instant data about their flight schedules – from the comfort of your property – gives them planning options and confidence. Specifically, travelers are assured that:

  • the Flyte Systems’ airline flight information delivers accurate, real-time, airport-centric updates of the data – not FAA-regulated departure times that may omit last minute changes; and
  • they may view alphabetically combined multiple airports within the same destination city (example: Newark International, JFK International and LaGuardia).

Today’s Flight tracking websites and flight status alert services rely on data from FAA computers, and the feed they get doesn’t start for a flight until it takes off.

Only Flyte Systems products provide a live pathway between the information at the airport and display screens at your property.

Saving your guests the inconvenience of accessing the Internet or making phone calls, Flyte Systems provides instant live airport flight information.

They’ll know the airport, arrivals or departures, airlines, times, flight number, flight status, and the gate. Any changes at the airport are instantly changed on your display screens.

Your guests know when air traffic congestion or weather causes delayed or cancelled flights, because of the information you provide. This translates to repeat customers.

The user-friendly FlytePass / FlyteTouch screen can be installed as a staff-only or public access system for live airport flight information. It can be located on a desk, in the counter, set in the wall, or in a customized kiosk model for public access in your lobby.

Hands-free FlyteBoard is best installed near the exit doorway leading to your airport shuttles. Both products leave your guests with a positive image of your property.

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