The Hidden Benefits of Real-Time Flight Information

by Ashley Toney on August 21, 2017

Savvy hotel properties use flight information as a tool to increase occupancy and boost operational efficiency


FlyteBoard gives guests the flexibility to extend their stays without leaving the hotel

August 21, 2017

For airport hotels, having a flight screen on the premises is an invaluable resource for their traveling guests. What may not be immediately obvious are the advantages that these FlyteBoards create for the properties themselves. Take a look at how innovative hotels across the country are using Flyte Systems to boost efficiency and generate additional revenue.

Profit from Delays & Cancellations

If a guest sees that their flight is delayed or cancelled, what’s their most convenient option? Putting yourself in that situation, would you rather (a) stay in the comfort of your hotel or (b) pass the time in a stiff airport chair? Most of us would find that (a) would be our first preference.

FlyteBoard gives guests the flexibility to extend their stays without leaving the hotel – converting flight cancellations into additional bookings. Have guests wait out a delay with a good read from your gift shop and a refreshing beverage from your lobby bar. The longer the guest is on your property, the more likely they are to consume on-site services.

Augment your Staff

Large-scale cancellations due to weather events and airline shut downs can be a nightmare for hotel staff. Airport hotels become a haven for the stranded, resulting in unexpected floods of distressed travelers.

FlyteBoard helps your property anticipate events like these and adjust accordingly. Upon spotting multiple cancellations, augment your staff in preparation for a rush of stranded guests. Live Doppler radar can be included on a FlyteBoard as well, allowing staff to keep an eye on incoming storms.

Save Valuable Time

Built and ready out of the box while effortlessly simple to install, FlyteBoard is truly a key-turn solution. We’ll work alongside your team to get your display working quickly & smoothly – it’s as simple as “plug & play”. Then, give yourself a quick pat on the back since your job here is done.

We understand that you have many other responsibilities to attend to, and we pride ourselves in taking care of the rest. Each of our displays is remotely monitored and supported round-the-clock, ensuring your traveling guests are consistently informed and saving your staff time for other tasks.

We are proud to be the trusted provider of flight information for hotels as well as convention centers, corporate headquarters, training centers, parking facilities, passenger terminals, and numerous other businesses catering to air travelers. Contact us today to learn more about how FlyteBoard can boost customer satisfaction, improve productivity, and generate revenue at your location.