truDigital, partners with FlyteSystems®, a division of ITS, to provide real-time flight data to a digital sign near you

by Ashley Toney on July 6, 2017

Together, truDigital and FlyteSystems® seek to help customers at non-airport sites display the same type of up-to-the minute flight information seen on airport signage boards.

Live Flight Information Screen

Flyte Systems flight information updates in real-time, keeping travelers consistently informed

July 7, 2017

truDigital Signage is expanding its services by partnering with flight information provider FlyteSystems. truDigital, based out of Salt Lake City, Utah, is a pioneer in the development of signage software that is user-friendly and cost effective. FlyteSystems is a division of Chicago-based Industrial Television Services. ITS has been developing technologies related to flight information display systems since 1960. Together, truDigital and FlyteSystems seek to help customers at non-airport sites display the same type of up-to-the minute flight information seen on airport signage boards.

Digital signage has delivered more efficient ways to communicate vital information to the public. With cloud-based applications, information can be displayed on strategically located screens. The public can use updated facts and travel guidelines to change their plans and choose more productive ways to spend their time. Digital signage solutions provide innovative ways to keep the audience engaged with the brand or message. Products offered by truDigital can be adapted to the needs of different users whether the organizations provide content to inform, educate or entertain.

The array of products offered by FlyteSystems was developed as a joint effort with airlines. Timeliness and accuracy of flight data are essential. Airport-bound customers can adjust their travel plans quickly if they know of changes in their flight schedules before they head out. Providing flight information and other content relevant to travelers can open untapped opportunities for businesses, contributing to profitability in the process. “You can help boost ROI with FlyteSystems’ host of flight products. Whether it brings your customers back or keeps them there, our solutions can improve your wallet share as you provide a clean comfortable oasis for weary travelers who will thank you for your efforts,” says Scott Triphahn, Vice President of FlyteSystems.

“Our mission is to provide digital signage software that is easy to implement. We want our clients to be able to adapt to emerging technologies quickly and conveniently to meet their needs. We strive to maximize functionality. We design cost-effective digital signage solutions for all types of businesses and uses,” said Michael Peine, Media Relations Manager for truDigital.