Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport Installs FlyteBoard for Fly-Away Guest Convenience

by Ashley Toney on September 24, 2015

New-Build Hilton Garden Inn Creates a Smooth Travel Experience for Guests on the Go with Flyte Systems Flight Information Display

Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan FlyteBoard

The FlyteBoard flight information display will give guests a more relaxed travel experience

September 24, 2015

Flyte Systems announced that the newly opened Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport will install the FlyteBoard real-time airline flight schedule display to simplify guest travel plans. Flyte Systems is the leading provider of cost effective airport travel information displays and digital signage content for the hospitality, corporate training centers, digital signage, convention center industries and related businesses. Click here to request information on Flyte Systems’ airport travel and guest information services.

Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport is located one mile from Logan International Airport and provides a complimentary 24-hour shuttle service to the airport, MBTA Subway and local area businesses. The new hotel, owned and managed by First Bristol Corporation, offers high-end amenities and welcoming services for travelers to sleep deep, stay fit, eat well and work smart while on the road.

“Our new property offers every convenience for travelers in Boston. The FlyteBoard flight information display will give guests a more relaxed travel experience,” said Kevin Buchanan, general manager. “They will be able to simply look at the FlyteBoard for accurate flight information. No need to pull out their handheld to search for flights online.”

“The Hilton Garden Inn Boston Logan Airport is a leader in providing travel amenities that make a difference to guests,” said Scott Triphahn, Flyte Systems VP. “Today’s millennial travelers are digital natives. They prefer to get information from screens, not people. Flyte Systems’ solutions, like FlyteBoard provide the information they want instantly, and accurately. Flyte Systems gives today’s travelers instant options that shape their experience.”

“Flight information displays provide value to many areas of our operation besides being a valuable guest service,” Buchanan said. “Even our night auditor uses it to estimate due-in guests based on airline delays and cancellations. Plus, guests can extend their stay if their flight is cancelled. Everyone wins.”