Serenity in the Skies or on the Ground: Flyte Systems Winter Travel Tips

by Ashley Toney on February 11, 2016

Travel Professional and Flyte Systems VP Scott Triphahn Offers Winter Travel Tips for Pros on the Go

February 11, 2016

I am in the travel business, but regardless of how often I fly I still feel anxious 24 hours prior to my departure. I usually cannot relax until I am on the plane. Add winter weather like we have had this year and anxiety is doubled. With experience I have learned that if I do a few simple things, my “mental travel tool kit” is ready for almost anything.

1. Prepare… then relax
Not all trips to the airport are a nightmare. If you plan your trip expecting trouble, your sensitivity to any minor problem can become a soap opera. Begin each trip knowing you have done everything possible for a smooth flight. Then relax and let go of the outcome. Remember the old song “Whatever will be will be?”

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