Mobile Message Manager Tops Flyte Systems® Digital Signage Lineup at HITEC

by Ashley Toney on June 16, 2016

Flyte Systems Expands Product Offering Beyond Hotel Flight Information to Include Hotel EventDisplay, InfoBoard, Meeting Room Signage and Building Directories

Mobile Message Manager

Mobile Message Manager allows authorized staff to send messages straight to their Flyte Systems displays

June 16, 2016

Flyte Systems tapped its parent company, Industrial Television Services (ITS), for an expanded product line of digital signage solutions for hospitality and related businesses. At HITEC in New Orleans, June 20 – 23, Flyte Systems will showcase a family of advanced display services that go beyond hotel flight information to smooth the travel experience. Topping Flyte Systems’ innovation list is the Mobile Message Manager, which lets authorized staff update digital signage guest messaging anywhere, anytime from any mobile device.

“Flyte Systems is coming to HITEC 2016 with a new lineup of digital signage services and systems,” said Vice President Scott Triphahn. “We deliver much more than airline information today. We drew on our parent company ITS to create display solutions that meet the information needs of virtually any hotel or related business.” The first innovation is Mobile Message Manager. This enables hotel operators to instantly change and create digital signage messaging remotely and in real time from a handheld device so meeting information, wayfinding, and events are always current. Managers can provide guests with the most up to date information without having to divert staff from guest facing duty. Applications include informing guests of last minute promotions and specials, shuttle schedules, welcome messages, and weather and travel related events to name a few.

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Flyte Systems Forms Alliance with Hospitality Partner to Smooth the Travel Experience in the Scandinavian Market

by Ashley Toney on June 9, 2016

Flyte Systems Expands Its Reach; Companies ‘Bring the Airport to Hotels’ for Guest Convenience, Revenue Capture


Hospitality Partner brings flight information into every hotel guestroom with FlyteChannel

June 8, 2016

Flyte Systems and the hotel service firm Hospitality Partner in Copenhagen signed a joint collaboration agreement to expand Flyte Systems’ guest travel services and hotel flight information throughout the Nordic region. Hospitality Partner will provide Nordic hoteliers FlyteChannel, FlyteBoard, and FlytePass products that smooth the travel experience with real-time hotel flight information and boarding pass printing.

Hospitality Partner, with offices near Copenhagen, Denmark, provides consulting services for new facility system planning, installation and solution upgrades, and hardware and software support. The company delivers innovative solutions and products that are cost-efficient, increase revenue, and bring value to hotels and guests.

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Embassy Suites Akron Canton Airport Selects FlyteBoard for Property Events, Flight Schedules

by Ashley Toney on June 1, 2016

New-Build Airport Property Will Use FlyteBoard Hotel Information Displays to Help Guests Navigate the Embassy Suites, and the World

FlyteBoard at the Embassy Suites Akron Canton Airport

FlyteBoard at the Embassy Suites by Hilton Akron Canton Airport

June 1, 2016

The Embassy Suites by Hilton Akron Canton Airport, operated by Commonwealth Hotel Collection, will install the FlyteBoard hotel information display by Flyte Systems. The FlyteBoard digital display will show arrivals and departures for Akron-Canton Airport, property events and Doppler Radar Weather for guest travel convenience. Flyte Systems is the leading provider of cost effective airport travel and flexible digital signage property information. The company delivers displays and digital signage content for hotels, corporate training centers, convention centers and related businesses.

“We opened our Embassy Suites in February this year and it is already a favorite of people coming to Akron for business, sporting events, reunions, weddings and other activities. Our FlyteBoard hotel information display will provide guests with airline schedules and gate information for nearby Akron-Canton Airport and be an attractive reader board for property events. We offer a personalized guest experience and FlyteBoard is part of that,” said Julie Karam, Director of Sales and Marketing for the Embassy Suites by Hilton Akron Canton Airport.

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Digital Displays Make Hotel Transportation Easier

by Ashley Toney on May 26, 2016

Flyte Systems Smooths the Travel Experience for Guests and Hotel Staff

Holiday Inn IAD FlyteBoard

FlyteBoard at the Holiday Inn Washington Dulles International Airport

May 26, 2016

Transporting guests to offsite locations can only be effective if guests give you enough time to get them to their destination. This issue is most important at hotels taking travelers to the airport, where guests need to be conscious of flight times and potential delays.

In hotels where this is pertinent, companies such as Flyte Systems, a provider of digital signage that tracks the status of airline arrivals and departures, can be of assistance, in particular for hotels that are frequented by flight crews. These crews run on a tight schedule that relies on strict travel times, and ensuring they are aware of where they need to be at all times can keep hotels out of hot water.

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Holiday Inn KCI Expo Center Selects Flyte Systems for Hotel and Expo Events and Flight Information

by Ashley Toney on May 17, 2016

Holiday Inn KCI Expo Center Delivers Hotel Flight Information: Events and Property Meetings Share One Screen with Kansas City International Airport

Holiday Inn KCI Expo Center FlyteBoard

FlyteBoard customized with Events, Doppler Radar, and Promotions

May 17, 2016

Flyte Systems announced The Holiday Inn KCI Expo Center will install its FlyteBoard hotel flight information airline schedule system that also displays events for the KCI Expo Center and hotel meetings. The FlyteBoard shows real-time arrivals and departures at Kansas City International Airport with Doppler Radar for maximum guest convenience. FlyteBoard is developed by Flyte Systems, the leading provider of cost effective airport travel information.

“Most of our guests are experienced business travelers and our goal is to provide services that make their trip easier. Our new FlyteBoard with KCI Expo Center events and airline information will save them time,” said Irma Causevic, Director of Sales and Marketing at the Holiday Inn KCI Expo Center. “With FlyteBoard our guests will not have to open their tablets or handhelds to check flights or events. Hospitality is about offering service to travelers. This is why we are here.”

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Flyte Systems Introduces Hotel Promotions, Events to LaGuardia Plaza Hotel FlyteBoard

by Ashley Toney on March 31, 2016

Guests Respond to Promotions Alongside Real-Time Airline Flight Information

FlyteBoard at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel

The LaGuardia Plaza Hotel displays a bookings promotion alongside flight information

March 30, 2016

Flyte Systems announced that it upgraded the FlyteBoard at the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel to display property promotions and meeting information. The new functionality enables the LaGuardia Plaza to show event notices, wayfinding, and revenue generating property specials on the same screen with FlyteBoard real-time airline schedules for LaGuardia and John F. Kennedy International Airports.

“Flyte Systems is a truly beneficial addition to the LaGuardia Plaza Hotel’s guest services and property resources,” said Mary Louise Hartline, property director of sales. “Our guests are up-to-date on their flights and our hotel events and promotions look great on Flyte Systems’ professional displays. Flyte Systems’ support and responsiveness to our staff’s questions is impressive. FlyteBoard can vary the speed at which our content is displayed. This coupled with the ease of uploading specials and in-house promotions next to airline information is a valuable travel tool for today’s guests. Flyte Systems gives LaGuardia Plaza Hotel the capability to provide clients with what they need on demand.” Hartline noted that the LaGuardia Plaza recently used its FlyteBoard to promote a Valentine’s Day Special that was well received.

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Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama Installs FlytePass Guest Boarding Pass Printing

by Ashley Toney on February 25, 2016

Flyte Systems Expands International Presence with FlytePass Boarding Pass Printing at Luxury Trump Hotel & Tower

Trump Pananma

Trump Ocean Club International Hotel Tower Panama

February 25, 2016

Flyte Systems expanded its international presence with the announcement that the Trump International Hotel & Tower Panama implemented the FlytePass boarding pass printing travel service. FlytePass enables guests to confirm flights and print boarding passes in the comfort of the Trump Panama Business Center.

“We have a truly international guest mix with about 60 percent business travelers. Virtually all of them arrive at our property from the Tocumen International Airport here in Panama City, Panama. This is why our new FlytePass boarding pass printing service is so valuable,” said Erica Moreno, property director of sales and marketing. “Most of our guests are experienced travelers. Many tell us how convenient it is to check flights and print their boarding pass while they are on property. It is the perfect travel amenity for a busy hotel like the Trump Panama.”

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Flyte Systems Responds to Airport Requests to Track Santa’s Flights out of East Coast Airspace

by Ashley Toney on December 21, 2015

Multiple Airports Tap Flyte Systems for Christmas Eve Flight Status on Santa’s Travel

FlyteBoard's Santa Tracker Holiday Surprise

Flyte Systems responds to airport requests to track Santa’s flights out of east coast airspace

December 21, 2015

Flyte Systems announced it will add a new feature to its FlyteBoard real-time flight information displays on December 24. The company’s flight information displays are installed at airports, hotels and other travel-related businesses worldwide. This holiday season, FlyteBoard will provide the ability for clients and their customers to track Santa’s travel status from the North Pole across the U.S. on Christmas Eve.

“Every year Flyte Systems receives many requests for the addition of Santa tracking from airports that use our FlyteBoard flight information display system. To meet this need, Flyte Systems will again be providing a special Christmas Eve Track Santa service to airports and hotels across the country” said Kent Toney, President of Flyte Systems. “After all, the North American Air Defense Command tracks Santa and his reindeer for the US government; it even provides a ‘Track Santa’ app. Flyte Systems is able to track airline flights around the world, and we are pleased to include this important Christmas travel service.”

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Flyte Systems Adds Custom Mobile Airline Arrival Information for Holiday Inn Washington Dulles

by Ashley Toney on December 17, 2015

Specialized Arrival URL Keeps the Holiday Inn’s Shuttle Team on Schedule for Airline Crew Airport Pickup

FlyteBoard at the Holiday Inn Washington Dulles

The spacious lobby at the Holiday Inn Washington Dulles features ample seating and a FlyteBoard

December 17, 2015

Flyte Systems announced it added custom airline arrival information to its existing travel services at Holiday Inn Washington Dulles International Airport. The new service is a URL accessible on mobile or desktop devices that lets property staff see real-time arrivals for a major air carrier the property serves. The arrival updates will enable the property’s shuttle team to pick up airline crews minutes after their flight lands and drive them to the hotel quickly for their layover. Click here to request information on Flyte Systems’ airport travel and guest information services.

“Our property offers crew-contract layover rooms for many airlines flying into Washington Dulles International. One important service we provide our crew guests is a commitment to meet their flights minutes after they land,” said Bob Janis, General Manager of the Holiday Inn Washington Dulles. “The new Flyte Systems URL enables our front office staff to use their mobile phone or tablet to see exactly when our airline crews’ flights land to be at the terminal curbside to pick them up on time.”

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Denver Airport’s Newest Airport Parking Facility, ParkDIA, Has Travelers On Time with FlyteBoard

by Ashley Toney on November 17, 2015

ParkDIA Gives Business Travelers First-Class Executive Amenities Plus Real-Time Flight Information Display

ParkDIA FlyteBoard

ParkDIA Has Travelers On Time with FlyteBoard

November 17, 2015

Travel out of Denver International Airport just got easier thanks to a new near-airport parking operation, ParkDIA. The 7,500-space facility provides travelers with first-class business amenities that include instant mobile check-in and check-out service, an executive lounge with high-speed Wi-Fi and a FlyteBoard real-time glance-and-go airport flight information display to keep its busy clients on schedule. FlyteBoard displays arrivals and departures for Denver International in a familiar airport-style format.

FlyteBoard is developed by Flyte Systems, the leading provider of cost effective airport travel information. Flyte Systems delivers displays and digital signage content for the hospitality, corporate training center, digital signage and convention center industries and related businesses. Flyte Systems is a division of Industrial Television Services (ITS), based in Chicago. ITS is a respected digital signage solutions company with more than 50 years of experience specializing in real-time information delivery. Click here to request information on Flyte Systems’ airport travel and guest information services.

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