Storm Hits NYC Hotels; Radisson JFK Guests Watch FlyteBoard with Doppler Radar for Updates

by FS Administrator on January 29, 2015

Airport Hotels Become Havens for Stranded Travelers; FlyteBoard with Doppler Radar Keeps Guests Informed on Flight Availability and Changing Weather Patterns

Radisson JFK Airport FlyteBoard

January 27, 2015

Airlines across the Northeast pre-emptively canceled 5,200 flights on Monday morning. Statewide travel bans were put in place in Connecticut, Massachusetts and Rhode Island as hotels became shelters for travelers. The Radisson Hotel JFK Airport was ready as cities across the Northeast announced the suspension or reduction of public transit. The hotel provided guests with FlyteBoard real-time airline flight information and a recently upgraded display with live Doppler radar from Flyte Systems.

Guests extend their stay as they wait for JFK International to reopen

Pierre Merhej, General Manager of the Radisson Hotel JFK Airport, said, “With this storm we are more of a destination for distressed passengers than a hotel. Guests watch our FlyteBoard to check their flight status and the Doppler radar shows them where the storm is heading. My staff and I have our hands full helping guests and stranded travelers. Many of our guests have extended their stay. We also have travelers waiting out the storm in our hotel until the airport reopens. This is a case of the Hospitality industry coming to the assistance of stranded travelers to provide food and accommodations in times of emergency.”

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“Air travel in winter months adds a dimension of stress for anyone, seasoned or not,” said Scott Triphahn, vice president of Flyte Systems. “Having a real-time glimpse of your flight’s status removes some of that anxiety and gives you a heads up if flights are delayed,” he said. “Why not know in the comfort of your hotel, before you check out, to find your flight is delayed or cancelled? Knowing before others might get you up in front of the line for that next flight or even let you book an extra night’s stay if a storm hits and you’re done for the night.” FlyteBoard displays cities, flight numbers, schedules and actual arrival and departure times, airline logos and gates identical to airport terminal screens.