Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport North Gets Travel-Savvy with FlyteBoard Hotel Flight Information Display

by FS Administrator on March 31, 2015

“All Airport Properties Should Have FlyteBoard:” GM Marcus Patrick

Hyatt Place FlyteBoard

Hyatt Place FlyteBoard

March 31, 2015

Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport North is adjacent to the busiest airport in the world – Atlanta Hartsfield International. Most of its guests are experienced corporate travelers that fly in to do business with the nearby offices of FedEx, Ford Motor Co., and the Wells Fargo Center. In March 2015, the property installed an invaluable amenity for its airport-bound guests: the FlyteBoard real-time airline hotel flight information display from Flyte Systems.

Flyte Systems is the leading provider of cost effective airport travel information displays and digital signage content for the hospitality, corporate training centers, digital signage, and convention center industries and related businesses. Click here to request information on Flyte Systems’ airport travel and guest information services.

‘Guests want to know if their flight is on time before they get on our shuttle’

“We operate a high-energy corporate property. Our guests want to know if their flight is on time before they get on our shuttle,” said Marcus A. Patrick, general manager of the 150-room Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport North. “We just positioned a FlyteBoard airline flight information display in our lobby and the guests love it. All our guests take time to check their flight schedules before they leave. If a flight is delayed, they stay on property. I think all airport properties should have FlyteBoard.”

“Air travel today is safe and routine and we can take it for granted. If you are a frequent traveler, however, it’s not uncommon for weather or other delays to cause us grief.   It is on those occasions that being prepared with the right expectations can mean the difference between a good day and one that’s not so good,” said Scott Triphahn, Flyte Systems vice president. “We provide travel solutions that have real guest impact. Whether it is our guest room solution, FlyteChannel, or our Meeting Room displays and InfoBoard in the lobby or business center, each adds confidence to the traveler’s day and enables a smooth transition from hotel to meeting and back home again. The traveler who has the right tools at their disposal is more relaxed, more confident and better equipped to make informed decisions about their journey.”

FlyteBoard supports hotel’s mission of innovative guest service

Hyatt Place Atlanta Airport North combines style and innovation to create a completely new hotel experience. The property offers an array of services and features designed to meet the evolving needs of today’s travelers. “Our new FlyteBoard real-time airline schedule display fits perfectly with our mission of commitment to guest service,” Patrick said.