Seven Ways to Generate Revenue with Flyte Systems

How to Profit from Cancelled Flights and Weather Delays

Innovative hoteliers across the country provide their guests with accurate, real-time airline flight information from Flyte Systems to update their travel plans before they are airport-bound. This season many operators are also creating unique services to increase revenue from a previously untapped source – the captive, delayed traveler. General managers at leading hotels from Boston to Chicago and Washington, D.C. offer these seven tips for revenue generation:

1. Flight delays? Guests and their revenue stay on property with a discounted meal or beverage: By monitoring airline information from the comfort of their hotel, distressed travelers can wait out a flight delay in the property’s restaurant or bar. Hoteliers can offer a discounted “Stranded Guest” beverage, appetizer or sandwich coupon to assist guests in need, and keep them on property.

2. Pass the time with ‘Free Reads’: How do waiting travelers spend their time when not eating or drinking? If they are at the airport, it is usually shopping for reading material. Welcome them into your gift shop by offering a “Grounded Guests” discount coupon on magazines or paperbacks.

3. Convenience keeps them coming back: Frequent travelers will tell you it is all about convenience. Place a house phone next to your flight information board or boarding pass printing kiosk to make it convenient for your guests to simply pick up the receiver and speak with a staff member who can connect them with their airline if they discover their flight has been delayed or cancelled. Of course, the front desk can also offer to extend their stay.

4. Guests would rather be at your hotel: Who wants to spend the night sleeping on a terminal couch, eating another fast-food meal or brushing their teeth in a public restroom? If flights are delayed, keep your guests where they belong – on property. Place a sign next to your Flyte Systems display offering guests inconvenienced by cancelled flights or lengthy delays a “We Understand – Stranded Guest Distressed Rate.” Offer stranded guests a discounted rate to build goodwill and repeat business.

5. Everyone wants an extra vacation day: Airport hotels can use real-time airline flight information to turn their property into a one-night leisure destination by promoting airport proximity and the convenience of boarding pass printing,. Promote the security of hotel parking, an airport shuttle, a free split of champagne and 10%-off dinner via your property’s “Airport Departure Package.” Give vacationers an early start on the pampering while you fill rooms.

6. Bad weather can mean good food: When bad weather takes over, so can your F&B team. If your flight information display begins to report weather delays, have your team put together a “Distressed Traveler Sandwich Special” and offer food-to-go packages for guests who are facing delays.

7. Your “Staffing Crystal Ball”: Do airline shutdowns and large-scale flight cancellations cause your front office manager staffing problems? Flyte Systems technology enables managers to anticipate the need for increased staffing caused by cancelled flights. Airport properties use the displays as their ‘crystal ball’ to predict the future. When your team spots multiple cancellations, they can be ready to quickly check in a sell-out rush of distressed passengers.

For more tips on how to use Flyte Systems flight information to differentiate your property, increase revenue and build customer loyalty, check this website often. We hear regularly from managers and property staff about the innovative ways they use our airline flight information products to boost the bottom line.