An interactive virtual concierge


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Showcasing your on-site services, dining, and retail options, InfoBoard directs traffic to your profit centers. Guests are presented with services and activities hand-selected by your hotel, extending their experience beyond the hotel doors.

InfoBoard’s 24/7 availability allows information to be retrieved independently, reducing guest inquiries and saving your staff time. Interactive wayfinding helps visitors to navigate confidently throughout your property. Live event scheduling is an invaluable replacement for traditional paper, allowing you to publish last-minute updates instantly.

Pick and choose the modules that benefit your hotel the most. Your display is designed uniquely around your property, creating a tailored amenity that’s one of a kind.

Mix & Match Different Modules:

Amenities & Services
Showcase your property’s stylish amenities and advertise in-house services to guests.
Boarding Pass Printing
Provide the convenience of flight check-in and boarding pass printing.
Event Schedules
Display the day’s meetings & events schedule in real-time, publishing updates instantly.
Flight Data
Alert travelers to flight delays and cancellations before they leave for the airport.
News Feeds
Keep guests updated with the day’s top stories (Options: World, US & Business news).
Highlight your on-site dining options and provide local recommendations.
Social Media / Reviews
Boost visitor engagement through live Facebook, Twitter & Trip Advisor feeds.
Special Offers
Promote your ongoing packages & seasonal specials to visitors and boost revenue.
Things to Do
Feature nearby attractions and extend the guest experience beyond your doors.
Traffic Reports
Save visitors time and from the hassles of traffic jams with live traffic reports.
Help your visitors navigate clearly and confidently to their destinations.
Weather (Extended)
Broadcast travel conditions with an extended 5-day forecast and live Doppler radar.

Additional Features:

Tailored Design
Every InfoBoard is uniquely designed around your property, ensuring a seamless fit.
Local Weather
Colorful, location-based weather updates provide even greater value to your travelers.
Date & Time
Date & time are displayed prominently so viewers can confirm travel plans with ease.
24/7 Support
Performance is monitored 24/7, ensuring your traveling guests are consistently informed.

InfoBoard is ideal for hotels, corporate training centers, casinos, airports – anywhere travelers gather for business, recreation, or information.

InfoBoard can be displayed on nearly any high-resolution touchscreen. Displays may be mounted in floor-standing enclosures or neatly on walls – any place where guests and visitors make important travel decisions.

Contact us today to learn more about how InfoBoard can boost customer satisfaction, improve productivity, and generate revenue at your location.