Embassy Suites Portland Maine Integrates Flyte Systems into Guest Information Signage

by FS Administrator on August 13, 2015

Real-Time FlyteBoard Airline Schedule Data Easily Installed on Property’s Digital Signage Display; Adds Valuable Guest Travel Service

Embassy Suites FlyteBoard

Embassy Suites Portland Maine Integrates Flyte Systems into Guest Information Signage

August 13, 2015

The busiest airport hotel in Maine, Embassy Suites by Hilton Portland, integrated Flyte Systems real-time airline flight information into its digital guest information signboard display. The hotel’s lobby display now gives guests continuously updated airline arrivals and departures for Portland International Jetport. Flyte Systems is the leading provider of cost effective airport travel information displays and digital signage content for the hospitality, corporate training centers, digital signage, convention center industries and related businesses. Click here to request information on Flyte Systems’ airport travel and guest information services.

Flight information is ‘instant success’ with guests
“Our ownership wanted to give guests accurate airline flight information when it acquired the Embassy Suites Portland. Integrating Flyte Systems real-time flight display into our lobby signage was easy and an instant success with guests,” said Jeanne Carpentier, regional director of sales & marketing for the property’s management company Emerald Hospitality. The property is directly adjacent to the Portland International Jetport and offers 24-hour shuttle service, ‘park and depart’ packages and a number of travel amenities.

Flyte Systems airport information easily added to existing digital signage
“The airport plays a major role in our sales and marketing,” Carpentier said. “We host corporate business travelers and families from all over the world. We worked with Flyte Systems to ensure airline information is always visible on our lobby display. It was very easy to add Flyte Systems to our property’s digital signage.”

Embassy Suites Portland General Manager Stacy O’Reilly said, “Many guests stay the night before their flight. They can easily check their departure time and relax for breakfast. We are a short walk from the terminal and some travelers come to have a meal and wait for their flight. It is much more comfortable than a concourse and they can trust our FlyteBoard to keep them on time. There have been frequent departure delays this summer due to lightning storms. Flyte Systems keeps them informed. The display is easy to understand and always accurate.”

“Many properties have existing digital signage that can easily be upgraded with the addition of Flyte Systems’ airport schedule information,” said Scott Triphahn, vice president of Flyte Systems. “Airlines frequently oversell flights. That is why it is essential to be on time for departure and aware of any gate changes. Flyte Systems provides this information continuously, it is updated in real-time so property guests can make their flights with confidence or easily extend their hotel stay if there is a cancellation.”